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While beautiful, tobacco sheds pose bigger retrofit challenges than other barn styles found in the area.

Outfitting one with a state-of-the-art HVAC system while maintaining historic integrity isn’t a job for just any contractor.

Truth in Dating is about using honesty as a "practice." A practice is a discipline that you take on intentionally in order to expand your awareness and enhance your capacity to experience life to the fullest.

• wondered how the person you're dating feels about you, but didn't want to ask for fear of appearing insecure, needy, or pushy? • pretended to like someone more than you really did?• wanted to express appreciation, but held yourself back?• pretended to be more sexually turned on than you really were?This empowering, six-step approach led him back to me and made me his wife. Find the truth in what he’s saying, acknowledge it and apologize for it.It’s better to be happy and loved than to be right.

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Because of its proximity to East Coast population centers, the Amish Country of Pennsylvania has become a wedding destination for out-of-towners.